These terms will bind both parties, when the customer has reserved the holiday resort for the point of time the customer wants and the customer has paid the booking fee. All remarks concerning the invoice must be informed within 7 days from the date of the invoice. The final payment will take
place in the mutual agreed occasion.


The reservation has been confirmed, when the tenant has paid the reservation fee. If the reservation fee has not been paid by the due date, then the reservation will be cancelled without a separate no- tification to the tenant.

The final part of the rental payment must be paid at the latest three (3) weeks before the holiday begins; the payment day has been marked on the invoice or into the email.

In case that there is less than three (3) weeks for the beginning of the holiday, the whole rental fee must be paid at once due the marked date which can be found in the invoice or in the email.

If the final payment has not been paid by the due date, the reservation will be cancelled. In this case the reservation fee will not be returned.


The cancellation must always be done in writing. The cancellation will be viewed at the moment the information of the cancellation has reached the renter. The landlord will confirm the cancellation as soon as possible to the tenant.
If the customer can demonstrate, that the cancellation has been made and sent to the right address at the correct time, the cancellation will be accepted, even if it would be late or it would not receive the addressee at all.

For the cancellation of the reservation a booking fee will be reserved, when the reservation fee has already been paid. If the reservation will be cancelled later than three (3) weeks before the beginning of the holding time, the whole rental fee will be charged.

If the resort can be marked to another customer, then the rental fee will be returned minus the reservation fee which will be kept as cancellation fee. If the final part of the rent will not be paid by the due date, and if no notice of cancellation has been made, the renter has the right to regard the res-
ervation as cancelled and retain the reservation fee.

The customer has the right to have 50% of prepaid rent back, for obvious reasons if the customer or a person in the shared household will become acute ill or will have an accident or in the cause of death. The cancellation must be notified without a delay and the incident must be shown in a natural manner (medical certificate etc).


In the case of a force majeure incident, the Landlord can cancel the already booked reservation. The incident will be informed the tenant immediately. The rent already paid by the tenant will be returned.

If the tenant will cause interference or cause danger to the people at the neighbouring cottage and will not take a notice from the Landlord or take notice from the representative of the Landlord the Landlord or its representative has the right to cancel the reservation agreement immediately. All the above mentioned actions as the result of the expenses will be charged from the tenant.


The keys of the holiday resort will be handed over to the customer (The customer has informed 2-3 days before the beginning of the reservation of the cottage) either by phone or by writing the estimated time of arrival at the holiday resort.
At the same time as the hand over of the keys will be done the tenant together with the Landlord/ or the representative of the Landlord will make a visual survey of the cottage.


At the handover of the keys the customer will sign a rental agreement, where the tenant will commit itself to agree to the terms of this document.


To the rent will include the free use of the cottage, bed clothes (bedding, blankets, cushions) a basic set of dishes, cleaning stuff and accessories. Household and toilet-paper always for the minimum for the stay for two days. Firewood and in the summertime the rowing boat will include in the rental price. Linen and towels will not include into the rental price.


The cleaning of the cottage during the holiday and at the end of the holiday the tenant has to look after itself. The cleaning equipment will be found at the cottage. If at the end of the reservation the cleaning of the cottage has not been done properly or it has be done incomplete way the tenant has to take care of the cleaning before the next visitor will arrive has the owner/Landlord the right to col lect a cleaning charge of 60-110 euro. Concerning the cleaning of the cottage can also be agreed with the landlord before the holiday if the customer is not willing to do itself. We will charge the fol lowing charges:

• Sauna cottage 60EUR

• Villa-Veneranta 90EUR

• Villa-Taivaanranta 110EUR

We expect that the customer will take care in the cleaning the following things; garbage removal, floor cleaning, cleaning of the dishes and unloading the dishwasher, stain remove and dirt remove, cleaning of the sauna and toilet, putting in place all items and making the beds.

The resort is allowed to use maximum the headcount, which is mentioned in the brochure text bunk place quantity. ( caravan/-camping trailer use is forbidden at the holiday resort land without the permission of the Landlord.


Smoking indoor the cottage is strictly forbidden. Bringing pets to the cottage must be agreed separately with the Landlord. The waste of the pests
must be cleaned from the backyard area round the cottage.
In Villa-Veneranta and Sauna cottage is allowed to bring pets. to the Taivaanranta villa no pets allowed.


The customer is liable to compensate any damages caused to the cottage or to the movable property of the cottage direct to the Landlord.
The expense from the missing key will be charged the expense of making a new key or for the change of the lock.

All complaints and remarks concerning the holiday resort must be done immediately to the owner of the holiday resort or landlord.

Have a nice holiday at Ritaniemi farm.